Ecological Services

Plant Ecology

  • Predictive and Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping
  • Site-specific planting prescription development
  • Ethnoecological and non-timber forest products assessment and consultation
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Rare plant research, inventory, and recovery
  • Invasive plant management
  • Custom native plant seed collection
  • Ethnobotanical studies for health, resource management and other purposes
  • Environmental monitoring and assessment
  • Soil bioengineering
  • Agro-ecological design and consulting


  • Whitebark and limber pine research and rare species recovery planning
  • Range use planning and management
  • Silviculture surveys and planting prescriptions
  • Forest health surveys
  • Road layout and mapping
  • Environmental monitoring

Wildlife Biology

  • Wildlife and wildlife habitat surveys, including birds, bats, ungulates, and furbearers (remote camera traps, hair snag, encounter transects, aerial surveys)
  • Population biology
  • Occupancy modeling
  • Wildlife assessments and management recommendations

Water Management

  • Watershed management planning and hydrologic analysis
  • Water monitoring and water quality assessments
  • Erosion and sediment control planning and design
  • Provincial and federal permitting for surface water projects


  • Indigenous Food Systems
  • Policy & planning
  • Native Plant Horticulture